VR Next is a cloud-based platform for creation and demonstration of new developments in VR, sales motivation and sales management


What does your customer get?

• The presence feeling, space feeling and volume feeling

• Real view out of the window

• Photorealistic lighting with the various sources

• Absolute interactivity – free movement

• Ability to see multiple design options, and create the own one

• Ability to obtain the estimate of materials being used

• Comprehensive information about specifically apartment with 3D layout, photo and your contacts

VR NEXT is a complex ecosystem

Allow your buyer to feel as a designer! The interactive catalog of finishing materials, furniture and interior items from actual suppliers allows to choose the right materials, to reveal the room potential and to avoid mistakes. Also immediately learn the cost of such repairs.

VR Next is an omni-channel solution.

Your customer can get acquainted with real estate objects offline and online. The service can be integrated into your website, allowing the customer to make 3D tours without leaving the computer, or to download 3D models and data sheets right into the smartphone.

The VR NEXT platform increases the sales

It is known that the 3D tour on the website makes the customer to study the real estate object three times longer. The feeling of presence in virtual reality gives the communion effect. Short presentation of the apartments immediately received on a colorful form establishes the effect. Sales management and Analytics, with all the complex together, greatly increases the chances of a successful closing the deal.