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VR next is a cloud-based platform that lets easily create 3D and VR interiors, add and make a visual choice of finishing materials and interior items

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Feel the presence

The platform for creating 3D interiors and visual selection of materials in the VR

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These interiors were made by our platform

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Interior #2

Interior #3

Take a walk through your future apartment before it is built

We demonstate 3D and VR layouts of apartments, which are on sale at the price of the developer. You can evaluate every detail of the interior, look at the future view out of the window, make a purchasing decision, and book an apartment that you like online

Choose your favorite design
or create the unique one

All layouts are presented in a true size with default design options. You can choose the design you like and modify it, or create the unique one, using the catalog of materials and furniture from the listed suppliers. The platform will automatically calculate the goods and tell you where to buy it.

Available in VR

All offers, or created by you layouts are available in the virtual reality. You can use Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or smartphone. VR gives you maximum immersion, you literally teleport to your future interior, you see every detail and feel all the dimensions. You can also save your project in your personal account and open it in our show room

Physically correct illumination

The entire rendering process is performed on our cloud server within few minutes. You receive a notification on the email about the readiness and the link for viewing in the browser. Also, the finished project is always available in the editing application, in your personal account

How it works

It is enough to have a blueprint picture with one exact size. The whole process of creating the architecture of the room takes a few minutes. Next, simply drag and drop product from the catalog into the scene. For professionals, we have a module for wallpapers and tiles covering. Once everything is ready, just click the "render" button to get a photorealistic image ready for immersion in VR.

Download our application and make 3 renders for free

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